Investor FAQs

Green Initiative On Corporate Governance

What is Green Initiative on Corporate Governance?


What should a shareholder do in case of non-receipt of dividend?
Why do the shareholders have to wait till the expiry of the validity period of the original warrant?
What is the procedure for revalidation of dividend warrants?
What is payment of dividend through NECS Facility and how does it operate?
What are the benefits of NECS Facility?
Where all the NECS Facility is available?
How to avail of ECS Facility?
Why cannot the Company take on record bank details in case of dematerialised shares?
Can ECS Facility be opted out by investors?
What are the statutory provisions governing unclaimed dividend?

Dematerialisation / Rematerialisation of Shares

What is dematerialisation of shares?
Why dematerialise shares?
How to dematerialise shares?
How to get dividend on dematerialised shares? Will such shareholders be eligible for receiving
      Annual Report every year and also to attend General Meetings?
Is pledge of dematerialised shares possible?
What is rematerialisation of shares?
What is the procedure for rematerialisation of shares?

Nomination facility

What is nomination facility and to whom it is more useful? What is the procedure of appointing a nominee?
Who can appoint a nominee and who can be appointed as a nominee?
How to avail of nomination facility for more than one folio?
Can a nomination once made be revoked / varied?
Are the joint holders deemed to be nominees to the shares?
Is the nomination form required to be witnessed?
What rights are conferred on the nominee and how can he exercise the same?

Transfer / Transmission / Transposition / Duplicate Certificates etc.

What is the procedure for transfer of shares?
Is Permanent Account Number for transfer of shares in physical form mandatory?
What should transferee do if share certificate is returned with objections?
What is the procedure for conversion of single holding into joint holdings or joint holdings into single holding?
How to get shares registered which are received by way of gift? Does it attract stamp duty?
What is the procedure for getting shares in the name of surviving shareholder(s), in the event of death of one of joint shareholder?
If a shareholder who holds shares in his sole name dies without leaving a Will, how can his legal heir(s) claim the shares?
In case of a deceased shareholder who held shares in his / her own name (single) and had left a Will, how do the legal
      heir (s) get the shares transmitted in their name(s)?
What is the procedure for transposition i.e. change in order of names?
What is the procedure for obtaining duplicate share certificate(s) in case of loss / misplacement of original share certificate(s)?
What is the procedure for splitting of a share certificate into smaller lots?
Procedure to get the certificates issued in various denominations consolidated into a single certificate
What is the procedure to get change of address registered in the Company's records?
What is the procedure for registering change of name of shareholders?
What is the procedure for authorising any other person to deal with the shares of the Company?